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Quality | 品质

Smart | 智慧

Fun | 寓教于乐


Founder | 创始人

  • PhD in English Language & Linguistics, NUS

  • 新加坡国立大学博士(语言学)

  • Harvard University Visiting Program (Linguistics)

  • 哈佛大学访问学者(语言学)

  • NUS M.A. in English Language & Linguistics

  • 新加坡国立大学英文与语言学硕士

  • Zhejiang University B.A. in English Language

  • 浙江大学英文系文学学士学位

  • Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

  • 国际汉语教师资格证认证教师

  • 10-year teaching experience

  • 十年英文教学经验

  • 8-year learning centre management experience

  • 八年培训学校管理经验

  • Ex-XDF Outstanding Teacher and operation manager

  • 原新东方功勋教师​及运营主管

News / Events

Uplus Education & Culture


Personal Coaching


Language courses 语言培训

  • English | GRE preparation courses GRE专项班

  • English | IELTS preparation course 雅思全程班

  • English | English Camps 英语集训营

  • English | AEIS/PSLE/O Level/A Level 新加坡考试

Study-abroad application 留学申请 (本硕博)

  • Singapore-based schools 新加坡学校

  • Singapore-based universities 新加坡院校

  • Malaysia-based universities 马来西亚院校

Edu-tour in Southeast Asia   东南亚游学/研学/微留学


Business coaching


  • Strategic Collaboration with schools and universities

  • ​与学校开展深度战略合作,共同打造国际教育战略计划

  • Third party assessment (Curriculum)

  • 课程效用第三方评估

  • Learning centre operation consultancy

  • 培训学校运营管理咨询

  • School to School Collaboration

  • ​校际课程合作(国际班/合作办学)

  • Staff training in Business English 商务英文(企业培训)

  • Staff training in Business Chinese 商务中文(企业培训)

  • Translation service 翻译服务


Testimonials | 学员分享


"It is such a fun learning with Yuki and most importantly , I learned a lot form the English course! I got an overall band 8 in IELTS test. Big thanks for the lesson and materials! She also helped me with the university application to NUS so that I could be successfully admitted!" 

Grace XU Liao

"Teacher WEI is one of my favourite teachers. I stated learning Chinese with her since Primary 1 for almost 8 years! Her teaching style is humorous and straightforward. It helps me a lot in school exams! "

Tan Jia Hui

"Appreciate your professionalism! 

We will keep you in mind for future projects and will be happy to refer you to others who need translation work."

Siew Yin

Contact us | 联系我们

Uplus Education & Culture Pte Ltd


Address 地址(新加坡)

31 Rochester Drive Park Avenue Rochester Level 2- 68, Singapore 138637

Contact 电话

+65 8693 8226 (新加坡)        

+86 150 3400 3595 (中国)


WhatsApp: 8693 8226

WeChat | 微信: uplusedu_sg


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